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The Canna Blast Is the ultimate Vape Pen made with a patented coil system allowing a 1.2 ohm coil to be used with a 4.2 volt, Mig 21 Super Battery. This slim Design is a powerhouse of energy to make sure you concentrate oils are sucked and vaped to the last drop. No waste vape pen. There is no other device on the market that will perform like this device.
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Replacement Atomizer: Canna Blast Tank

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The Canna Blast is a Vape Pen Designed for Dispensaries
After months of work, the Canna Blast was designed and perfected by Mig Vapor Skunk Works.
Our mission was to overcome the problems of cheap devices in the market that are used with expensive product. The Tank it self is considered disposable, however with the ceramic mouthpiece that is double sealed, and the pyrex glass tank on a mini was incredible to achieve at best. We didn’t stop there though. We then added a patented ceramic coil system that the kanthal wire was baked inside the ceramic coil. The ceramic we used is a top secret blend that absorbs the thickest of oils. This produces a rich tasty vapor that will please you to no end.
The most amazing fact of this mini super tank is that it will take your oils to the last drop. We are still not finished, because the tank seems to be reusable many many times, that was a surprise to us!
Now we perfected a battery a few years ago for our mig 21 pen style ecig, we decided to use this on our .05 ohm mini power house tank and absolutely found perfection. Our Super Battery has a IC chip that helps top keep the power as high as possible through the full charge of the battery, making this what we believe is the best vape pen in the world.
Cheap, this is device is not. However if you demand the best… that it is.

Not Intented for use with E Juice

Additional information

Weight 0.234 kg
Dimensions 8 x 3 x 18 cm

Ceramic 0.5ohm SS316L (25 – 35W), Clapton 0.4ohm (40 – 50W)


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